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Dragons & Serpents

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Do you believe in dragons and serpents?  If you do, or even if you definitely don't there is some interesting reading for you here:

When visiting Lake De Smet in Wyoming in 2018 we were told a legendary story about a lake monster which killed two young people.  The waters were then avoided by native tribes.

In 2019 we heard Wahluna's Story.  A serpent took Wahluna and Tlasca when they rowed into the lake on their wedding night.   Local tribes would never venture into the waters again after that.

We then read about many accounts of serpents within large lakes across North America. Here is a list of some sightings across the world:

While visiting the Craters of the Moon National Park also in 2019 we discovered the following story of a serpent coiled around a mountain:

Within the UK we have read about and heard stories of dragons and serpents throughout history. Here is one particular story (The Sexhow Worm ) a dragon/serpent, which wrapped itself around a hill close to our current home.

We will leave it for the reader to decide whether you believe such stories are mythical or actual sightings. 

A final note of interest:

Within spiritual circles people are becoming attuned to Dragon energy, which reportedly assists them with the awakening and ascension process. 


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