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Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

As a child, she learnt to hide
In fear and distrust
She sensed and saw and heard too much
Always on her guard
Retreating into a world of fluffy clouds
Seeing the unseen
A quiet mouse with a lion’s heart
Courageous, yet timid
A listener in the dark for sinister footsteps
Staying still and quiet like an invisible statue
Her special friend whispering happy thoughts
Warm fuzziness and hazy faces
Dancing fairies and tribal dances
An old weathered face of great distinction
Beckoning her on towards a world of purity
Joy, peace and harmony
Her divinity, birth-right and creation
She is so much more than silent spaces
The invisibility cloak now transforming
Stripping bare, stepping forward
Revealing the true self, not yet witnessed
The time is approaching
The veils are thinning
As each breath is held
The truth is revealed.
She is the divine feminine
A shining light, the stars, heaven and earth
She has travelled far but always present
Appearing in many forms
Always watching, listening, waiting
Forever guiding, loving
Nurturing, healing, teaching
Yet, few bear witness to her presence.
Open your heart
See, hear and feel
She has never left you
Unite with her divine creation.
Hearts beating as one
Oonchillia White Bird ©


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