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Defining Spirituality

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

When discussing spirituality there can be many different thoughts, beliefs and reactions on the subject.  Some people suspect it be 'New Age' mysticism or practices which you may wish to convert them to; or on the other hand, that you will preach your religious beliefs and encourage them to start going to church if they are a non believer.  Many people may become blank or deaf, or change the subject entirely to something more palatable for them.  It is such a shame if, when you simply announce you are spiritual, that you then receive negative reactions or no reaction at all.
We are ultimately spiritual beings living a physical life whilst we are on the earth.  The human being with thoughts, emotions and physical feelings would not exist without the spiritual life force (essence) connected to the soul.  It is in fact the soul which has chosen the incarnated experience of the current life-time on earth, which assists with it's evolution.  
The following, are everyday expressions of being 'spiritual' and why we are here.  
  • A sense of Purpose
  • Connectedness to self, others, creator
  • Wholeness of mind, body, spirit, soul
  • Harmony within and with others and the earth
  • Hope
  • Belief in a higher power/being(s)
  • Knowing there is more to life than the physical experience
  • Activities which give meaning and value i.e. helping others

We urge you to embrace your spirituality, the essence of who you truly are!

Whatever difficulties you experience in your life, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, financial, relationships - addressing your spiritual needs is paramount to healing all of life's conditions, worries and problems. 


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