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Death: A New Journey

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

I recently spent some special times with an elderly Aunt during a short illness leading to her passing from this world into the next.  Our times together were difficult but also healing, as we shared memories and regrets, and which were comforting, loving and compassionate, with periods of honest appraisal.  She wanted to die and couldn't understand why she was suffering so much; and as each day passed, at times very confused and others more rational; she would begin to question her experiences and her own actions in life.  She judged herself harshly, felt she had apologies to make, and yet so much wanted God to take her, even though she knew she had to wait, had to suffer a bit more, perhaps redeem herself (in her own mind).  At the same time she had the conflict of wanting to get better and go back home, and yet face the reality of full time care due to her failing mind and body.  As she began to accept and let go, she started to make peace with herself, then her body in turn began to deteriorate.  She almost begged at times for the end to come.  It was heart-breaking.  I comforted, massaged, soothed and listened.  I encouraged her to forgive herself and let go of the pain and suffering she was immersed in.  I sat by her bedside as she began to talk through troubling memories and have conversations with those I could not see.  In time she became receptive to the light of her loved ones arriving to greet her.  I witnessed as she became contented and peaceful, and then I held her hand and gave her permission to finally let go and release.  I wished her well, to rest in peace, to fly high and proud towards those she had loved and missed so much on the other side of the veil!  In most people's eyes she died, but to me, even through my grief, I knew she was being reborn into her next life, not a physical one for now, if ever, but after her time of rest her soul will evolve and she will take on a new form; with all the learning from her earthly life-time being consolidated, and her awareness of all the lessons she has gained, the difference she has made, the lives she has touched, will all become clearer to her, as she embarks on her new journey!


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