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Daily Reflections (September)

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

1. Divine truth is within you, all you need to do is nurture your unique spark of light and allow your heart to speak.

2.  There is always more than one path to take.  Choose wisely, the one with the most twists and turns may seem the most difficult when in fact it could be the right one

3.  Surprises often come from the minds of the young, who speak innocently, yet with wisdom beyond their years. Be open and accept their innate truth. 

4.  When tension and worry are set to ruin your day, pause and take stock. Do not feel beaten before you even start, take it a step at a time.

5.  If you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings, fully utilise your senses to establish your safety and acclimatise. It will soon become familiar if you are meant to be there.

6. There are many forces at play that may direct you on an unknown route. Trust in divine intervention.

7. Rest often and reflect on the process, not on the 'doing' but simply 'being'.

8. Mental and emotional stress can be draining especially if prolonged. Take time to recover just as you would after an illness.

9. Each moment is a new beginning, never compare the present with the past.

10. External appearance is an expression of the inner self. Only vanity may be seen when changes to physical appearance are used as a mask to cover a lack of self-worth. Is it not better to accept oneself inside and out.

11. Rest often, have gentle exercise and enjoy the outdoors however that may be - whatever ails you will benefit from these three things.

12. The mind that attains stillness finds peace within.

13. Observe, listen, smell and touch what is around you within your home and garden. This helps to increase your higher sensory perception.

14. Experiences in life aid your development on all levels. Embrace change and unfamiliar situations.

15. Be mindful of the signals your body shows you. It may have taken a lot of stress and repressed emotion for it to wave the red flag. 

16. Nature provides all that we need, sustenance, healing and restoration. All we have to give back is care and respect.

17.  Laugh when you feel like crying, be loving when you feel unloved.  By doing so your vibration will raise and your immune system strengthens. However, find safe ways to express emotions rather than repressing them.

18. Make each moment count as you can never know what the future holds.

19. "From the mouths of babes speak only truth." We can learn so much from a child's innocence and curiosity.

20. Rest when your body aches and mind is fogged. If you attempt to push past it your suffering will be extended.

21. When you focus on what isn't going well in your life you may exacerbate it. Focus on those things you are grateful for instead.

22. The equinox reminds us of change.  As the harvest reaps bountiful crops; acknowledge the abundance of experience and knowledge you have gained during the year. Now, is a time for reflection and celebration.

23. New learning can bring untold wealth.  Be open to experiences that may seem boring or a waste of time, for instance studying a subject you have little interest in.  You may learn a new skill or trade, which could be life-changing.

24. Work to live, not live to work.  It is important to have gain, which isn't purely monetary.  Peace of mind and passion for your craft are invaluable.

25. Creativity stimulates the mind and brings harmony within.  Devote time to creative projects and self-expression.

26. Being authentic can be difficult in a judgemental world. See it as a work in progress where results build inner strengths.

27. Suffering can be self-inflicted as personal perception of injustices is a big influence on reactions.

28. Do you know how powerful you actually are, and how you can influence external events?  The energy we give out is potent, so focus on loving and caring thoughts if you want to make a difference in this world.

29.  Celebrating significant life events remind us to honour divine intervention. For instance, birth and death. We rarely predict when it happens, but influence why and how it happens. As co-creators we are responsibility for the decisions we make.

30. Ride with the waves of energetic shifts that influence thoughts, mood and actions.  There are many paths to take, choose wisely.


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