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Daily Reflections (October)

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

1. The darker days of Autumn offer an opportunity for self-reflection. Time to consolidate learning, to rest, before beginning a new chapter.

2. External constraints on your lifestyle and current plans provide space to explore priorities.

3. "Silence is golden" - it brings stillness, solitude and opportunities to develop inner wisdom.

4. When you feel weak you may be at your strongest, as you discover the inner resources you need to recover from your difficulty.

5. Alarm bells signal within the body when there is excess pressure placed upon it.  Notice and take heed of the internal message.

6. Secrecy breeds distrust. Even when it is to protect others, its energy will be felt and often misunderstood.

7. Commit to those things that can ultimately turn your life around. Motivation and determination will see you through difficult times.

8. Know and feel the truth lies within you.  Seek and you will find.  Trust in divine timing.

9. When events come to a standstill in the short term, results may seem impossible in the long term,  but what we don't see, doesn't mean something isn't happening.

10. Messages are everywhere, we just need to look, listen and be open to learning opportunities in the most unexpected of places.

Great mysteries wait to be discovered.  A path may have many destinations, you will only know you have arrived at the right one when the unknown has become known.

12. The process of learning can be exciting and scary at the same time. Take the rough with the smooth, the former will educate you the most.

13. Serenity can be found on a warm sunny beach or a cold and showery hill-top.  Wherever you feel content, an oasis of peace is your experience at that moment.

14. Decisions can be changed within the spur of a moment. It may not be evident until much later whether it was the right decision and whether you acted intuitively.

15. You may not realize the strength of your abilities until you are taken out of your comfort zone.  Embrace those special moments - celebrate success.

16.  If you make an unpopular decision can you follow through, or is the pressure to conform too great?

17. Loss is experienced in many ways and through a variety of circumstances. Non is greater than the other. 

18. If you believe you cannot achieve something you may be avoiding pain or failure, but what if you succeeded?

19. Projecting your fear and pain onto another only causes shame, exacerbating your fear and pain. Find solitude in nature to release strong emotions and make room for inner peace. 

20. As you rise on a morning you never know what the day may bring.  Express gratitude for the light and beauty of a sunset, the rolling clouds that bring rain, the wind that cleanses, and for creation in all its forms.

21. See a familiar view through many different eyes. Enjoy the variety of constant change and expansion of your internal world.

22. Within the quiet recesses of your mind find the space where you exist, your true essence.

23. Whatever drama exists outside of yourself do not let it encroach within.

24. Peaceful relations override chaos. Avoid conflict with others, rise above others negativity.

25. What transpires by another person's actions is their responsibility, not yours. Take responsibility for your actions and the intention behind them.

26. A benign word can elicit a positive or negative response depending on the tone and emotion behind it. Awareness is key.

27. Reaching out and speaking out is cathartic yet can be scary.  Choose wisely your counsel.

28. When life doesn't go according to plan,  know there must be a reason.  Stop and assess where you are going, and what needs to change to get you on the right path?

29. Welcome the sunrise with openness to surprises during your day. Be spontaneous and freely accept life's lessons.

30. Thoughts that follow a repetitive loop are destructive. Shift perspective physically, find a pleasing distraction within nature. Be amazed in something miraculous, for instance how a bird can fly in high winds.

31. "The veils between worlds are thinner on Halloween" - do you believe this to be true? What thoughts does it elicit?


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