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Daily Reflections for November

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

  1. Encourage others to trust in their ability to succeed at something new, just as you must trust and encourage yourself equally.
  1. When energy levels are low, take time out to rest. If you push on there is a risk of failing health and enforced time out.
  1. If a task feels too great but must be done, you find the inner strength to complete it, but at what cost? Take time to recuperate - rest and reflect.
  1. The burdens that we carry must be overcome, or they overcome us. How do you separate yourself from that which burdens to allow releasing and letting go?
  1. Telling stories around a campfire brings the past, present and future together in one moment. All that matters is each presence in unity.
  1. Expectations may never be met if they are too high. Lowering expectations isn't a failing it becomes strength as it allows for growth.
  1. Trust in those who seek to offer guidance. They may not always be right but if they have loving intent they are doing their best for you.
  1. Frustrations can hinder or may move you in the right direction. Flow with the energy that is felt from within.
  1. Lighten your load by reducing self-imposed burdens. Make healthy choices when planning your day. Allow time for spontaneity.
  1. The body-mind connection is a constant balancing act. Listen to the emotions, sensations and self-sabotaging thoughts that offer opportunities for positive change.
  1. Is self-sacrifice a good or bad thing? The barometer is how it affects you mentally, emotionally and physically, as well as the impact on your relationships with others.
  1. When ‘change’ feels difficult - imagine a leaf clinging on tight to the branch resisting the flow of the seasons. When it finally releases, it is returning home once more to be transformed.
  1. Restlessness - when lying awake allows your mind to wander across clouds of grey to find a rainbow.
  1. Patience - is a solitary feather blowing in the wind waiting for divine timing to bring peace within.
  1. Trust - is like a frozen waterfall suddenly halted in its flow, awaiting the opportunity to feed new life once more.
  1. Despair – like all emotions, ebbs and flows. When the blackness lifts once more, the light flickers through the recesses of the mind, sparking hope once more.
  1. Full self-expression can be achieved when inhibitions are overcome, particularly when with like-minded souls.
  1. Push through fears of what-ifs - you may receive untold gifts of wisdom when you move through blocks.
  1. Solitary steps may sound eerie as you tread an unknown path, yet they break you away from the things that bind you to the familiar, which may be safe but constricting.
  1. "I am what I am". This is true, but do you live by this philosophy or do the exact opposite - try to be someone else?
  1. Freedom can be experienced in many ways, depending on what you desire freedom from.
  1. Does a harmless game remain a harmless game when competition becomes too serious? Know when to admit defeat and walk away, if the enjoyment has gone.
  1. " Keep your enemies close" is a strong statement, which speaks of mistrust. Yet, when we see someone’s true colours, we can make healthier choices in relationships.
  1. Trust is a constant theme in most people’s lives, but most importantly, trust in oneself and your beliefs. It is fundamental to a healthy future.
  1. "My ears are burning - who's talking about me?" This feeling may lead you to think the worst. What if you are tuning into a spiritual connection - someone looking out for you?
  1. "Reality is of your own making". "One person's truth isn't another". What are your thoughts? Take time for reflection, today!
  1. "Love is all you need". The famous Beatles song certainly struck a chord around the world. Is it that simple? Yes, if we allow it to be and love unconditionally.
  1. On cold, wintry mornings the desire to stay under the covers is strong, but there is still so much beauty to experience in the world. What would it be like to welcome the first light or hear the first birdsong of the day?
  1. Foggy days bring stillness and quietness. Time to rest and reflect on the year that has passed, and the festive season ahead. Feel gratitude for the simple things in life and the miracles that happen.
  1. Slow down and take time to appreciate the special moments for the remainder of this year, despite challenges and unexpected changes in your life.


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