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Daily Inspirations Week 8

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Daily Inspiration (19 January 2020)
What you focus on can say a lot about you, whether it be the detailed foreground or gaining a deeper perspective of the background or the whole picture. You may also be someone who creates the hidden landscape or sees other images that most can't see. You may also make a complete story containing sounds, feelings and sensations. Imagination is very powerful. It helps you express your uniqueness and reaches higher states of consciousness. "A creative mind swims through the sky, flows through time, and finds infinite joy" - Oonchillia White Bird

Daily Inspiration (20 January 2020)
As you look forward to the warmer months of spring, you may also have memories of special times, when nature has presented you with reminders of resilience and strength. Reflect on the times you have overcome adversity, and surprised yourself with your ability to adapt to the circumstances you found yourself in, which strengthened your sense of self.
"Bend with the winds of change"
- Oonchillia White Bird

Daily Inspiration (21 January 2020)
Welcome in the light of the new day as it shines through the darkness. A new beginning is occurring, how you commence your day is of your own choosing, no matter the routines you follow, each new day still varies, and is dependent on you! Make it something special! "Embrace the light within connecting you with the divine of all of creation" - Oonchillia White Bird

Daily Inspiration (22 January 2020)
Snowdrops, so fragile yet robust against the frost and snow, bring the changing season with hints of spring and signs of rebirth. They also bring forward images of purity, freshness and hope of better things to come as the daylight hours increase. This could be for more light and warmth, leisure time outdoors in the evening, and improved mood. "Purity of essence lifts the heart" - Oonchillia White Bird

Daily Inspiration (23 January 2020)
Flowing waters wash away debris, cleansing and creating new life. Water droplets taking new form forever changing all its touched, as its travelled from the clouds and into waterways, touching land and many beings on its travels. Each droplet we come into contact with changes us too, with its history and connections it has made. "Immerse in the wisdom water teaches" - Oonchillia White Bird

Daily Inspiration (24 January 2020)
Hues of blue of sea and sky can be challenging for an artist to capture, with so many tints and shades of the colour spectrum, in fact we are limited in those we can actually see and re-create. Colour influences us in many ways, particularly mentally and emotionally, it can lift us or depress us. Recognize the colours which bring you peace and harmony. Ensure you get your daily dose, by noticing or actively having those colours as part of your everyday life. "Rainbows, sunbeams, sunrises and sunsets reflect the magic of creation" - Oonchillia White Bird

Daily Inspiration (25 January 2020)
When you recognize the inner light within you, you begin to embrace it and shine it into the world. No-one is immune to the human condition which veers towards negative thoughts, feelings and actions. It is more about the way we overcome them, to find the inner light and to keep it burning, despite the challenges of human existence, which is most important on the soul's journey of evolution. "The light is where you truly exist, where you have come from and where you are headed, it connects you to all that is!" - Oonchillia White Bird


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