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Daily Inspirations Week 7

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Daily Inspiration (12 January 2020)

There is often more to something than you first perceive. We can quickly make judgements or think we understand a person or situation until one day we may suddenly be surprised or are given a different viewpoint. Be open and ready to know more, to resist making snap decisions or judgements, look deeper, have a desire to explore further, ask questions, show interest. Know you are still learning about life and humanity, no matter your age!

Daily Inspiration (13 January 2020)
Feel the joy of each moment. Immerse yourself in movement, sound, sensation, and how you connect with and influence your environment.

Daily Inspiration (14 January 2020)

Human existence can be difficult to define, and is dependent on personal beliefs about creation and life experiences. Can you fully comprehend how complex it is? For instance, scientists reported that 75% of our DNA is junk! Rather than deeming it to be useless - the truth is, we haven't yet learnt how to use all our DNA to its fullest capacity. We haven't yet grown into the human beings we have the potential to be - we are limiting our own existence, due to yet unattained knowledge preventing us acquiring the wisdom to help us progress. Do you feel ready yet, to expand your consciousness, and blow your own mind?

Daily Inspiration (15 January 2020)
Within a scenic picture, there is often an unknown story to the casual observer. This particular rocky outcrop (Battle Rock, Oregon) has seen much death and destruction, yet remains strong and much admired, despite the suffering faced by many brave souls on there. It continues to give pleasure and adventure to future generations, as well the reminder of its horrific past to those who explore further!

We often fail to see the scars and legacy of suffering on the faces we pass. We often only see what we want to see, even within ourselves. When you look deeper beyond the facade you will gain much knowledge which will impact your life immensely!

"Fortitude is where wisdom resides"
Oonchillia White Bird

Daily Inspiration (16 January 2020)
Just as the weather can change minute by minute, so too can your mood and circumstances. A chance encounter may change your life forever. Know too, that you have the ability to change your state of mind and emotional responses within moments in time.

"An inner smile illuminates, touching souls"
- Oonchillia White Bird

Daily Inspiration (17 January 2020)
It is important to have a sense of purpose, and to recognize the difference you can make in the world. You may not yet realise the lives you touch with a smile, a kind word, a gesture, a helpful, guiding hand, whether it be towards a friend, relative or stranger. Each good deed helps you to recognize your purpose and realise your own potential as a co-creator of the future development of humanity.

"Seeds of learning gained from human endeavours enriches the evolution of the soul" - Oonchillia White Bird

Daily Inspiration (18 January 2020)
The moon has been pretty spectacular lately and affects us in many ways. Our emotions can ebb and flow just like the tides it influences, as our bodies are water based too. It lights up the darkness and strengthens our inner light, just as it energises minerals and other natural substances. Moon bathing is good for spiritual and emotional health. Embrace the healing vibrations it offers you.

"Sweet celestial being caress and sooth the inner divine sanctum" - Oonchillia White Bird


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