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Daily Inspirations Week 6

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Daily Inspiration (05 January 2020)
Allow the flow of life to take you along your destined path. Whether it be a gently flowing waterfall or a turbulent sea, each is vital for your emotional and spiritual growth. The human body contains on average 60% of water, which resonates energetically as a conductor, responding to external influences whether positive or negative. An important life lesson is stabilising and balancing how we respond, just as rainfall and water levels within nature react and respond to environmental changes and human interference.

Daily Inspiration (06 January 2020)
New life can appear so delicate and fragile, yet contains much strength and determination to grow as it is meant to for its lifetime, and also for the sake of its kin, the collective which it touches and assists along the way. With each cycle of your life, each new beginning, there is a divine purpose not only for your own spiritual growth but to assist others along their journey too! Recognize the learning you gain, the knowledge and wisdom acquired, and know your strength in purpose through your life 💜

Daily Inspiration (07 January 2020)
There is no longer any new knowledge only different versions of that which is already known. The collective consciousness is a cosmic net which retains all known information throughout the history of the earth. You are now opening your heart and mind to this knowledge and also beginning to access ancient wisdom from others worlds too, which only becomes known through the process of awakening. You have unlimited potential when you strip away the layers of doubt and disbelief, and begin to channel that which is freely available via the cosmic net and beyond!

Daily Inspiration (08 January 2020)
With all the current troubles in the world, it is now more important than ever to seize each moment of joy, contentment and belief in a peaceful united world. Know that you are one of many bringing light to burn away darkness, disbelief and doubt for those who are confused or sleep walking during this time of great awakening. Where there is fear shine your light brighter to find your way. Join forces with other light bearers. Connect with nature's beauty, and harness the loving energies freely available to you. Be a beacon of pure love, harmony and stability to all who's lives you touch. Blessings be!

Daily Inspiration (09 January 2020)
Love has many expressions. In its purest form, love is gentle, forgiving, accepting, compassionate, and offers the greatest learning 💛

Daily Inspiration (10 January 2020)
When your everyday life feels too difficult, retreating into your own quiet space may be essential in order to rest, heal and reflect, before emerging into the world again. Whilst resting, take as much time as you need to recover in mind, body and soul. Look out from time to time to see the beauty that is around you. See the light of each new day beckoning you, but remember, only you know when the time is right to step out and face the world again.

Daily Inspiration (11 January 2020)
Standing within your own truth can be lonely and isolating. However, when you have become committed to your faith, overcome many obstacles and tests of what you believe and know, then you have grown deep foundations and acquired wisdom from your inner strength, enquiring mind and open heart. Stand firm as the winds of change rock you. Observe, but remain blissfully detached to the dramas which play out around you.


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