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Daily Inspirations Week 4

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Daily Inspiration (22 December 2019)
As we greet the new day following the solstice, we welcome in the light as a spotlight on our individual and collective paths. It is time to open our hearts and minds to the endless possibilities, and to recognize our capacity to embrace change and new growth.

Daily Inspiration (23 December 2019)
Christmas is the time to remember goodwill and peace towards your neighbour and those you meet on your path. However, it is quickly forgotten during the chaos of festive preparations, especially with the expectations people seem to have a need to fulfil to create the 'perfect' christmas. Whilst out shopping in particular, there is anger, tensions, stress, and aggression more readily felt and expressed. Take time to breathe and remember the real meaning of Christmas 💕🙏💚

Daily Inspiration (24 December 2019)
Over this holiday period you may face many challenges and difficulties at a time when there is the expectation to be jolly and to enjoy time with family and friends. In a few days time you may reflect on how well you coped, or vow to never put yourself through that next year. Perhaps you actually faced those challenges head on, and now see them as friends offering you a new perspective on life!

Daily Inspiration (25 December 2019)
The true meaning of Christmas is being 'Present' with ourselves and others, as we remember the pure love given to us from Christ, the physical embodiment of the Creator. 'Presence' costs nothing and is something we all have the innate ability to offer each other. From our hearts to yours - Merry Christmas 💞🙏💜💚

Daily Inspiration (26 December 2019)
Finding peace and solitude helps us connect with our own soul, our divine spirit and connection with source. Spend a few moments with the cleansing power of the waterfall, letting go of physical, mental and emotional concerns and be 'present' with your true self, the spiritual you!

Daily Inspiration (27 December 2019)
Often in our lives we desire refuge from the darkness within the world. We can find refuge within ourselves, within the elements and the natural world, and can find sanctuary within the most unexpected of places. Taking time for stillness and deep solitude is necessary for our physical survival and heals us on all levels of our being. 💚

Daily Inspiration (28 December 2019)
We are all responsible for the paths we chose to take on our journey. There may be many options but we can only travel on one at a time. It may meander and come across many bumps, obstructions, and ups and downs, and may even come back on itself, but we have the choice whether to continue or find a new route. We may need to stop to reflect and even rise above to gain a fresh perspective of the journey ahead.


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