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Daily Inspirations Week 3

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Daily Inspiration (15 December 2019)
Light is essential to life, we tend to underestimate how much we require it to function effectively. As we develop spiritually it becomes even more important as we change on a cellular level, we will learn to absorb and transmit light within its infinite forms.

Daily Inspiration (16 December 2019)
'You reap what you sow' - we manifest all experiences into our lives energetically, as the soul knows the lessons that need to be learnt. It takes self awareness to know - what, why and how, but it takes courage to step up to the challenge presented for the gift of understanding and wisdom to unfold.

Daily Inspiration (17 December 2019)
When life feels tangled or broken, at those most troubled times, look deeper within yourself, the situation and the immediate surroundings. As you do so, your perspective changes. In moments of time begin to notice the support and new growth within and around. Remember you are never truly alone and miracles do happen 💞

Daily Inspiration (18 December 2019)
Indigenous cultures welcome the winter season as a time of rest and reflection. They embrace quiet solitude and times for family and community, with storytelling and learning new skills in preparation for the coming year. Many people are reverting back to the old ways, knowing our ancestors have so much to teach us. We tend to overlook the importance of rest and solitude for ourselves, however at this time of year community spirit is not forgotten, with the most important elements of caring and sharing still a priority. Know that YOU are equally important, and can give more of yourself when you have rested.

Daily Inspiration (19 December 2019)
True love is free of conditions, it is the light within which can spark bright or dim depending on inner and outer influences. However, it never goes out, as we exist as a soul, with the vehicle of a body to give us the range of experiences we desire for our learning and growth. Our reactions through our thoughts and feelings are a choice. We can choose to shine bright pure love from our heart centres, and when we do the energy can only create a positive reaction within ourselves and others.

Daily Inspiration (20 December 2019)
One of the hardest lessons for many on their spiritual journey is learning 'patience'. We need to remember that our lives have been ruled by 'linear time', whereas when we are experiencing spiritual occurrences, they happen from moment to moment in just the right order. We use our intuition and higher consciousness to fulfil our soul's purpose, therefore cannot make things happen by will. 'Patience' enables us to sense when to act and when not to; and to understand how, why and when events unfold in our lives.

Daily Inspiration (21 December 2019)
As we enter the phase of rebirth and renewal of midwinter, the solstice is a time of stillness and reflection, letting go of the old ways and welcoming in the new - a fresh start if we choose it!


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