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Daily Inspirations Week 2

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Daily Inspiration (08 December 2019)
Inner strength comes in many forms and is often overlooked during the most difficult of times when emotions are heightened. It may be when we are feeling the weakest that we are actually at our strongest!

Daily Inspiration (09 December 2019)
Healing is your most important life's work, everything you do contributes to it, whether adversely or encouragingly. When you request healing you receive it, when asking for the purest of intent for yourself and others.

Daily Inspiration (10 December 2019)
Don't harbour grudges and let things fester and then live with regrets. Even if you can find some resolution only for yourself if the other person isn't willing, you will know you have done all you can to move past the difficult relationship. It may be accepting that person may never change and they have their own journey to navigate. Be loving and accepting even when others have been unjust towards you, don't own it, when they are wrong, they will have to come to terms with it eventually, not you! Therefore let go of regrets and work on the healthy relationships in your life.

Daily Inspiration (11 December 2019)
Laying your roots down deep symbolizes the power of your connection with your family origins, your ancestors and ultimately your earthly and divine connections which unite us all. Just as trees root themselves deep within Mother Earth and connect in the same way within their own network to enable them to survive and grow strong, wherever they may find themselves.

Daily Inspiration (12 December 2019)
The Earth is sentient, and the most revered, conscious being overseeing life. A fecund provider and nurturer of all her inhabitants. Live with earth instead of merely on it.

It is good for the skin to touch the earth, walk bare footed, feel the sensation soothing, strengthening, cleansing and healing.

Connect with the earth – put your hands into the dirt, both hands, inhale the scent. Imagine your hands have roots that are rapidly growing and travelling beneath the surface to far mountains, valleys under the sea, and all throughout the planet. Receive stability, grounding and healing. Know that ancient wisdom and power are activated in your life.

Daily Inspiration (13 December 2019)
Many people fear change and what it may bring which at that moment in time is unknown. The worst fears are often unfounded, and the scariest change imagined may actually be a blessing in disguise.

Daily Inspiration (14 December 2019)
Reflect on the purity that is within nature. Each has its divine purpose within the ecosystems of the earth. Honour that which gives us life and a reason to be here united with all that has been lovingly created.


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