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Daily Inspirations Week 1

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Daily Inspiration (01 December 2019)

We have all been given the gift of an Intuitive Mind and a loving heart it is time for us all to step up and use them wisely as the creator intended.

Daily Inspiration (02 December 2019)
Live the life which gives you meaning and allows you to be your true self, to express your uniqueness, talents and gifts. Know you are living during a great time of change; you have a significant purpose as part of that change in creating a more harmonious world.

Daily Inspiration (03 December 2019)
We are all created within the same image. Deep down we all have the same basic needs and desires - giving and receiving love. When we connect with others we may see our mirror image and recognise we are never truly alone.

Daily Inspiration (04 December 2019)
We all have the ability to heal ourselves. Open your heart and mind to the power of our creator's divine love, compassion and guidance.

Daily Inspiration (05 December 2019)
As we connect more with the causes and beliefs that touch our hearts, our hearts open more and we connect more openly and honestly with those around us. We then attract the right people and situations into our lives.

Daily Inspiration (06 December 2019)
Our connection with the natural world is vital for our existence and helps us to feel close to the source of creation, the great spirit of all that is! We may discover many ways to do this, to feel touched by its beauty and fragility, and to find harmony and peace within. We may become connected by 'earthing'- walking barefoot on the ground, swimming in the ocean, hugging an oak tree and feeling its heartbeat, or climbing a snow capped mountain.

Daily Inspiration (07 December 2019)
Trust with every beating of your heart that you are truly loved by the creator and you have a divine purpose in this time on earth; as we are all connected and being guided to create a change in human consciousness towards a more peaceful and harmonious way of life.


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