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Daily Inspirations (May 2020)

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

1.  A straight road can lead to a clear destination, but may sometimes be deceptive. A winding route may bring doubt and uncertainty but also excitement and anticipation. "Each has its own merits and learning opportunities".

2.  Each living organism, creature, animal, bird, trees, water, humans, have their own unique purpose but are all interconnected. We all exist and survive on earth, giving and receiving to each other in many intricate ways. "Life is unfathomable yet also deeply known".

3.  Patience is a virtue we are often reminded, but it leads to frustration when what you set out to achieve isn't realised in the timescales set. “Much greater learning and reward may arrive when least expected”.

4.  "Change takes time and practice." Being or doing things in a certain way is familiar and comfortable, while learning a different approach can be uncomfortable and scary, but is worth it when a new approach to life is achieved.

5.  Opportunities may be disguised from view, until grieving over a previous failed attempt at an inspiring new project is complete. "You cannot yet see what is just around the corner".

6.  Within the blink of an eye a painful event can be forgotten when replaced with joyful feelings. Ask any mother giving birth when her new born baby is placed on her chest.  "Emotions are ripples and currents of energy".

7.  When the road is long and the journey smooth you may arrive at your destination with ease, but what have you learnt and gained along the way? "Blessings come in many forms".

8.  Victory can be achieved through hard work, dedication and sometimes sacrifice. It can leave an indelible mark on the soul! "Transformation may be realised".

9.  A seed can travel great distances to be reborn. It can experience many new forms of existence within a variety of environments. "All matter is energy changing constantly".

10. Solitude within a wooded glade may bring peace and tranquillity but for some, it may bring dark imaginings. "The light overshadows the dark".

11. Communication is distorted from its telling to receiving. Deep listening without interpretation is a well- honed skill. With it the world becomes more meaningful.  "Open your heart to listen to the true expressions of life".

12. What you put your energy into can often mislead you down the wrong path. Be led by the heart and intuition not by what others appear to be doing. "The most popular choice isn't always the right one".

13. Perseverance pays off, so the saying goes, but it may feel it has been at some cost. If it is for your highest good it will certainly pay dividends even if a long time in the future. The challenge is to know when to put your energy into something that may not immediately give you the desired results. "Lessons in life can be hard ones but rewarding after the event".

14. You may wonder about the life of a slug or snail, why were they created, and does every living creature have a specific purpose? Where did that idea come from to create such diverse forms of life? To ponder on such things is good for the mind, which stretches the creative processes as well as logic. "Consciousness is limitless it expands with each new thought".

15. What really happens to the body and mind as you sleep? Cells are renewed and thought processes recalibrated, as well as many other biological actions. However there are shifts on many other levels of our being within the non-physical realms of existence. "Complexity of human existence is rarely acknowledged".

16. You will always find a way to do something if it is important enough to you. It may require stamina, self- belief and perseverance but most of all the desire to achieve. It may be life changing or a chance to simply prove something to you! "Learning and growing is constant and not age dependent".

17. Comfort can be gained from doing the best you possibly can. People often strive for perfection but the act of putting your whole self into achieving is more important than the results. "Passion, drive and determination plus hard work will pay dividends".

18. Trust in the gifts from the creator when you observe all that is created and re-established through harmony and balance of seasonal patterns and shifts in the universe. "All is just as it is, if we refrain from control and manipulation".

19. A fallen rock may cause destruction for some but a welcome home for others. There is always something to be grateful for in any given situation. "Look for the divine purpose within all occurrences".

20. The colour spectrum we see may only be 10% of that which actually exists. Perhaps we are all colour blind! "Imagine life in full technicolour but look beyond, as there are palettes not previously known to exist".

21. Streams of light bring comfort to those who need to find the right path in the dark. It may be sensed if not seen when asking for a guiding hand during times of great distress. "Ask and it will be given".

22. As time passes by, very slowly for some, too fast for others, it is the individual's choice how they spend it or waste opportunities that come their way. "Clouds of doubt can obscure gems of wisdom".

23. When despondency strikes and moving forward becomes a struggle take a moment to quieten inside, instead of battling thoughts, remember times when life was smooth and how everything fits into place when your energy is higher. "Memory evokes that which you seek, focus on positive vibrations".

24. Calmness of mind, body and spirit within harmony brings peace and unity with all of creation. "Visit the states of being you desire - maintain a regular practice of being".

25. "Synthesis of air, water and light creates untold treasures". What we do not see is more beautiful to the beholder when the knowing and sensing brings it truly to life!

26. When you focus on something you have never noticed before, truly become a witness to the mysteries of that which is now discovered. It may be the behaviour of a small animal or bird that seems new, but what if you have just been blind to it before? "Revel in the mysteries of creation".

27. If your mind-set is turned inwards, your perspective may be very limited if your heart is closed. Change comes from opening the heart and mind simultaneously to let light shine through the recesses of darkness. "The divine light heals all".

28. Inner strength comes more from overcoming difficulties rather than being a natural resource, and can seem unattainable at times, but when you perceive you're at your weakest it tends to be when you are actually at your strongest. "A sense of survival creates inner strength".

29. Loneliness can be experienced by anyone, whether alone or in a relationship. It is the feeling of an inability to communicate and particularly being heard and acknowledged. "One is never truly alone. The creator is always present, loving, hearing and acknowledging you".

30. You can achieve much more than you first thought, with perseverance and self-belief. "Priorities in life can bring peace and harmony and unknown riches".

31. When there is conflict within, barriers will be erected preventing smooth movement through life. "Self- awareness and the lessons learnt, reap success".

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