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Daily Inspirations - June 2020

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

1. Allow the warmth of the day to sooth your tired body, feel the breeze in the air blow away your troubles, and the sound of melodious birdsong lighten your heart. "Nature provides the healing balm".

2. Learning to love one-self may seem an endless task, but well worth the commitment to your future self. "Love is eternally present".

3. Dramas of life are illusions created to avoid the truth within one-self which is too painful to bear. "Externalising is only a habit or an excuse".

4. Play and creativity lightens the heart and raises your spirit. "Allow the inner child to run free - full of curiosity and spontaneity".

5. Slow movement through life may appear like plodding, but perhaps it is a more appropriate attitude to life, to slow down rather than constantly rushing. "Creativity can be established in stillness".

6. Serendipity can occur when least expected lightening the darkest of times. "Fortune comes in many guises".

7. If you can't see the wood for the trees take a step back or to the side to gain a different perspective on things. "Take a bird's eye view to distance yourself".

8. A flower doesn't ask permission to grow and take up space, so why do you seek approval from others to do so? "We exist to evolve spiritually".

9. Soothing, relaxing music helps to balance emotions and can heal the physical body. "Sound vibrations can shift us from one place to another".

10. Be determined to create positive change within your life and believe you are worthy of it. "The heart and mind must be in agreement to achieve harmony and balance".

11. "Silence and stillness instil healing within the recesses of your whole being". Reducing critical thinking, unhealthy beliefs and unwanted behaviours make room for new possibilities.

12. The wind cleanses where it blows, the rain quenches where it flows, and the sun warms where it radiates. "All energy flows in the direction of intention". Notice the impact of your energy!

13. Question everything just like a child seeing things for the first time. Feel awe in your discoveries when you reach deeper in your awareness and understanding. "Exploration of the unknown may have more questions than answers".

14. Lying or sitting quietly in meditation during the day even if for only a few minutes brings harmony and rebalance to the mind, body and spirit. "We constantly change on a cellular level- stillness within assists the healing process".

15. Strength during a particularly difficult period in your life can be gained from your spiritual beliefs and faith. "Pray for the strength you need and believe you are being carried within the loving arms of the creator".

16. May the winds of change bring abundance of what you need in your life in this moment. "Trust in what you receive is for your highest good".

17. Lighten the load of doubt and fear by limiting expectations from self and others. Know what is reasonable to achieve depending on resources and circumstances. "Energy wanes when under pressure".

18. Quality time with loved ones may be rare in the current climate, but when it happens it is much more cherished and appreciated than ever before. "Love never wavers if the heart remains open".

19. A water droplet may be temporary to human eyes but has many stories to share of its journey through many forms and the life its had contact with. "An entire new universe can exist in unlikely places".

20. "The journey may be challenging but the destination life changing" Just as a caterpillar metamorphosises so can you. When once life felt a slow difficult journey, it was no time at all when you suddenly felt able to fly!

21. "Energy is wasted by worry and what-ifs!" Nobody knows what an outcome is going to be until it happens, however it can be influenced by your state of mind. What you expect may be realised, yet sometimes you may be pleasantly surprised.

22. When you feel unsure of the next move it's best to do nothing and sit tight, until your intuition guides you in the right direction. "The higher self knows the right move at the most opportune time".

23. "Apathy breeds apathy" Break the cycle by stepping out of the space you have locked yourself in!

24. Sadness may remind you of loss and missed opportunities, yet can guide towards new beginnings if and when ready to step out of where you were to step into a new way of being. "Happiness is self created and serves as a reminder of what can be!"

25. "Nature heals and sparks creativity". When you spend time in the woods you may encounter much Inspiration from the things you see, hear, smell and sense around you. The more you immerse yourself in the environment, the stronger the senses become.

26. Pain and grief can become unbearable, if it is experienced over a long period of time it can cause other conditions of the mind, body and spirit which further compounds it. "Hand it over to the creator in daily prayer for release of suffering and have faith".

27. Many people strive for perfection, but why, when it is commonly understood, there is no such thing! We tend to expect unrealistic results from ourselves, usually much more than we would expect of others. "Know that you can only do your best at any given time, and it is often dependent on influences outside of your control".

28. "Sacrifice of self is not respecting oneself". The only time it is appropriate to do so, is to save a life or to teach an important lesson. Self sacrifice in other less noble situations is valuing yourself less important than another.

29. Reacting like for like to aggression of another lowers the immune system. Instead be assertive, which often means walking away. "Be wise in your reaction to hostility of another- remember they are acting out something much deeper".

30. "Re-assess your life at regular intervals". By doing so you can identify unhealthy habits and behaviours before they become further ingrained. Always be open for change and growth.


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