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Daily Inspirations - July 2020

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

1. July brings abundance of life in our natural environment, and many hours of light to allow us to reflect on our direction in life and connection with others, especially at a time of social isolation. "Take the time you have been given to reflect on what is important to you."

2. Summer storms quench and restore the parched landscape and cleanse the air. "Welcome that which causes some discomfort- know it brings harmony and balance".

3. "Light up your world - explore the unseen and unknown". You may limit yourself and remain stuck or you can break through the invisible limitations you have created.

4. "Beauty appears in many forms" On the day that will be remembered in history within England as 'Unlockdown Saturday' people become distracted from the awe inspiring moments in nature, towards self satisfaction, the curse of humanity. It is a time to reflect on priorities - what is really most important- harmony with our natural world or human excessive needs.

5. The colours of the rainbow remind us we consist of the same light vibrations, if we reflect deeply into our energetic make-up. The 7 main chakras of the body are the same colours. "Breathe into your pure light essence and sense the swirling rainbow surround and fill you".

6. Avoiding difficulties in life may feel safe but may prevent self growth, developing resilience, acquiring knowledge and expanding horizons. "Trust in your own abilities to overcome challenge and seize opportunities".

7. Learning to quieten the mind takes practise and perserverance but has numerous benefits on health and wellbeing. "Centre yourself within a bubble of white light and breathe from the heart".

8. Standing in your own power is often difficult to do especially when it brings conflict with others and within oneself. "Self belief and inner knowing is where wisdom resides".

9. When facing obstacles, remember a previous success i.e. at work or a sport or hobby. Know that you have overcome the odds many times in the past and with determination you have succeeded. "You may at first disbelieve your own abilities but that is dark imaginings".

10. Being kind to yourself may feel a difficult thing to do when you feel overwhelmed and lacking the feel good factor. "Kindness can be expressed in simple ways".

11. Stay calm within a chaotic world and reap the rewards of freedom from conforming, even though this may be challenging it is also empowering. "Sit within a rainbow bubble of tranquility".

12. Stress-free living is the ideal we might all like to achieve but its unrealistic as 'stress' is a motivator for change. "Embrace the dark to find the light".

13. Look for the signs that you are never truly alone, and you will discover them. Sense loving arms or a breeze around you, feel the love you are encircled by. "A guardian angel is always with you".

14. Have you ever really focussed on cloud formations and noticed how quickly they change. There is so much activity within the air and atmosphere that we cannot control or understand, yet we often feel we should be able to control our external world. "Only the creator knows all eventualities".

15. Look deep within, then deeper still, then you may have some understanding of others. "Compassion creates awareness and wisdom".

16. When time seems to go too fast, stop and breathe. Find ways to slow down and prioritize what matters to you the most. "Find peace in stillness".

17. A deep connection with nature can occur unexpectedly when the heart is open. "Animals and birds sense the essence of you".

18. The depth of the imagination of a child can help an adult to explore the world in a new way if they listen, observe and give free reign. "The child resides within the adult".

19. Interacting with animals, birds, and insects is natural, however most people only do so with a pet. "The ability to communicate deepens when the mind is still and the heart open".

20. "Take time to reflect on a given task, your approach will be more focussed". Never rush into something and feel pressured, it will then feel like a chore. 

21. You can never predict how the day may be, sometimes unseen forces may stall things or other peoples' needs may come first, meaning well laid plans are put on hold. "There may be a reason, which is yet unknown, why the brakes may be applied".

22. When you feel that you want life to slow down or even pause for a while, know that you have the ability to make that happen within your own world. "Wrap yourself in a bubble of light feeling still and calm within".

23. Memories of those who were once constant in your life but have now passed can still bring comfort in your darkest hour. "Sense their essence around you still".

24. Familiar territory can bring peace of mind and help with the healing process. "Appreciate where you are right now".

25. While others grasp a sense of normality in their lives, quietly observe, while knowing change is a constant. "Trees bend with the wind".

26. Each leaf on a tree has it's own place, but still lives on when its form is changed. "Physical form is atoms of energy that shifts and reforms".

27. Embrace the wind and rain that cleanses the air and quenches the earth. "Feel how the powerful shift within the weather affects your own energy".

28. Feel freedom from choosing not to react when others are overwhelmed by drama. "Remain at peace within yourself - hold your own counsel".

29. Sense your surroundings rather than thinking too hard about the rights or wrongs about external events. "Tune your intuitive antennae to know when to take action".

30. A busy mind only sees what it wants to see, but with patience and stillness it may see much more. "Shift focus to overcome limitations of the mind".

31. Feel the warmth and light of the new day instill motivation and positive action. "Energy vibrates at a higher vibration with positive intent".


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