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Daily Inspirations (August 2020)

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

1. As August unfolds and harvest begins it is a timely reminder of abundance.  "Set your intention on achieving your highest purpose".

2.  "When life moves on, people and experiences may belong in the past". With each new learning, your vibration has changed and is attracting what is more appropriate for you in the present time.

3. "The chaos of other people's lives must not consume you". If you become anxious, stressed or angry by the needs, distractions or demands from other people, learn to detach yourself!

4. Stress impacts perceptions, clouding thinking and judging.  "Gain clarity before acting".

5. "Agape love is the love of choice, the highest kind of love" which can be painful but rewarding. It cannot be learnt or earned but is the purest form of human expression aligning with the creator.

6. "Emotional balance can be found when resilience is achieved". Sometimes the rollercoaster rides need to be more challenging in order to learn how to ride with them.

7. Experiencing trauma and loss may leave you powerless but in the long term could lead to freedom of choice and empowerment.  "What was once disabling can lead the way forward".

8. Security exists within the mind. Have faith in the creator that all will be well. "Building fortresses may only serve to keep you locked in".

9. Communication can often falter when there is lack of clarity and can lead to a break down of relationships.  "Take time to ensure you are heard and understood".

10. People can sometimes disappoint but at other times pleasantly surprise you. "Remain open and accepting to receiving that which serves your highest good".

11. "Friendship is priceless" When you can truly be yourself in another's company without fear of ridicule no matter what you say or do, then you have a connection for life.

12. When a difficult task can no longer be postponed focus on the end result and the sense of satisfaction of creating space for something new in your life! "You cannot move on if always focussed on the past".

13. Enjoy life in the slow lane - when you go too fast you can miss so much and are more likely to crash. "Burn-out is on the rise, your body will slow you down if external events do not stop you".

14. Words express so much but can also lead to confusion. "Choose wisely your words and how you convey them".

15. Wait for the right conditions before you act as the well-known sayings remind us: "repent in haste" "patience is a virtue".

16. Memories of past regrets may haunt you, but perhaps it is now time to release yourself from its shackles. "Learn the lesson and move on".

17. When someone reaches out to you, recognise what that means to you, and consider your response carefully. "Love and compassion bring joy to the giver as well as the receiver".

18. When you ask for help it may come from an unexpected source, when you expect it from those closest to you it may not come, if you are always the rescuer or supporter. "Be humble and allow others to assist you".

19. Do you often have unrealistic expectations of yourself and others, which leads to frequent disappointment, or do you burn yourself out by always achieving the expectations? "Balance in all things brings peace and joy".

20. "Deep sighs make room for growth" Pausing often in speech and actions gives time to reflect and lead you to act according to heart and mind combined.

21. "Journey deep within to reach enlightenment". All your answers reside within. Discover your truth when your heart connects with the divine source.

22. If time is an illusion then how do we age the way we do? Is it that we expect to do so, therefore it is in the mind? "Perception is key".

23. Memories of joyous times bring light in times of doubt.  Lose yourself in the detail of such memories and feel that joy warm your heart.  "Love is the healing balm".

24. Sweet sensations of tenderness when with a loved one is like sunbeams dancing through the trees. How do you imagine it? "Emotions bring to life imaginings".

25. A sense of completion makes all the hard work worth it.  "Enjoy the satisfaction of achievement".

26. Sometimes events can take a sudden turn and leave you reeling.  Reflect and gain some understanding as to why that might be.  "Detach from outcomes and misunderstandings, only explore your internal struggle".

27. "Know that you have free will - exercise it often." We may often forget that we are all co-creators and can choose how we react and respond. Do not take your self-responsibility lightly.

28. Being kind doesn't cost anything but make sure it isn't at a cost to yourself by doing for others and feeling taken for granted.  "Be led from the purity of your heart".  Be kind to yourself also!

29. Solitude re-balances the mind and emotions, especially following a particularly stressful time. "Find your special place where you can simply BE!"

30. Putting yourself first may seem selfish, but imagine if you can never achieve your life's purpose, how will you feel? "The path least trod is the hardest".

31. Achieving harmony within daily life can be a balancing act. External pressures may cause tension and the desired state is undermined."Release inner turmoil in silent prayer".


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