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Daily Inspirations (April 2020)

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

1. As dark clouds roll across the sky leaving shadows on the land, sunbeams follow in their wake and the sky brightens one again. As an unwanted event may darken your mood, know within moments the light penetrates through, as you trust in your ability to create a positive turn of events.

2. Shifts in the sands of time are moving quicker as more people awaken to their true potential. Even when you may feel stuck the universe is providing opportunities for new learning. Seeds that are planted need time to grow with the right conditions, they can bloom into something amazing.

3. Expecting conflict is hard wired into our brains, especially when dealing with uncomfortable issues with people. When approached in a calm, caring way with the expectation of a positive outcome, the other person will naturally respond in the same way. "Trust in the divine presence within".

4. The air is still, as if waiting for life to return to how it was. It will never return but will be forever changed. Cleansing and renewal has made way for fresh starts. The vibration of the earth and humanity has shifted higher. "Acknowledge the power of your inner wisdom".

5. As the warmer winds bring summer closer temptations of life carrying on as before are stronger. Limitations are still in place, but many may push past them resulting in tighter constraints for all. It is a time for contemplation that one's actions can have devastating consequences if one's own needs come before others. "Feel the synergy of cause and effect".

6. Blue skies becoming clearer and brighter, bringing cleaner air and hope of change for those with debilitating health conditions. The human body finding new ways of overcoming trauma and disease. "Support the immune system with positive self care and rest".

7. Smiling and laughing can remove toxins of doubt and negativity from body as well as the mind. There is always something to be grateful for within each experience throughout life. "Appreciate moment by moment rather than focus on time".

8. Spending more time at home can be an opportune time to reflect on priorities in life and what brings most meaning to your existence. Inward thinking can influence the world... "Find meaning within each new moment of reality".

9. Serenity can be found from within a calm mind and joyful heart. It is a state of being which can be created when a sense of power over negativity can be achieved. The power comes from inner wisdom and self belief not by control. "Release and let go to embrace inner strength of purpose".

10. Love every part of yourself, even the shadow self, allowing healing to commence. "Your divine essence shines through the dark recesses of the mind"

11. "Surrender the ego to the divine light". Know that all will be just as it has been pre-ordained. Yes, you have free will, and can travel many paths. Ultimately they bring you to the same destination even though each journey may have been quite different.

12. As children learn from their parents history and what they themselves have learnt, they are the wayshowers and educators of true or false information. All knowledge is passed on, but it is in the giving and receiving where it achieves its power. "Only inner wisdom can define what is actually true for oneself".

13. The senses are more important than people generally acknowledge. It is only when one has been lost forever, for instance, sight, then the great loss is felt. Use all your senses and strengthen those you rarely consider, such as your 6th sense, then your horizons will become wider. "Sensing is a wondrous human function exercise it often".

14. New growth appears miraculously within nature. A drop of rain can sustain life and result in full growth whereas a deluge can destroy. Is it a matter of chance or divine intervention that which lives or dies? "Believe in the impossible".

15. Small animals burrow deep beneath the earth for safety, for us we may imagine it to be dank and gloomy and feel claustrophobic, but that is only one perspective. "Learning can be gained from something we find distasteful".

16. The decision to swim against the tide is only taken in certain situations. Mostly we chose to swim with it. "It is by choice the difficult route is taken".

17. Taking slow deliberate steps gives time to reflect on the environment you move through whether it is familiar or unknown, each offers something new. "Nothing remains the same".

18. Memories of far away lands, can be a reminder of home, even though it may be unfathomable, the familiarity is clearly there! "The heart brings truth which the mind may not comprehend".

19. "Laughter lightens the heart". When feeling burdened by the trials of life, look for those things which can lift the spirit. Imagine a small child's spontaneous laughter when playing with a puppy.

20. There is sweetness within simple moments, an innocence of child like qualities when an inadvertent blunder has occurred, for instance, a slip up of words, which can bring tears of laughter. "Do not take yourself too seriously".

21. Expressing love is free and easy to do when any negative blocks are removed. "There is always choice to actions and reactions".

22. Being sincere is an admirable trait but can often be rebuffed when people are unable to acknowledge it, when compliments are given. "Feel sincere about your true self, your spirit and soul, it holds no pretence"

23. Live the life you choose "Today is a crossroads to tomorrow" you can go either way!

24. As the sun burns bright and the birds sing loud, what is your body telling you to do at this moment in time? "Express that which wishes to be heard, seen or felt".

25. Be gentle with yourself as you adapt to a new reality, with each awakening moment you are reborn. "Shifting perceptions change the vibration within".

26. At times it may feel like you're swimming against waves of despair. Rest awhile and allow those waves to wash away that which binds you. "Hope and rejoicing are moments you can step into".

27. As blossom falls it brings added nutrients to the ground and makes room for the fruit, which provides food for others. "All life cycles bring purpose of being".

28. As the dark clouds of doubt clear away, insight is stronger and clarity achieved. "Look beyond the shadows".

29. Uniting with loved ones who accept you for who you are, every facet of your personality, no matter how colourful, brings warmth within the heart, and deepening your sense of self. "Revel in acceptance of your uniqueness"

30. A month spent questioning the unknown, affords time of reflection upon the true meaning of life! Take the learning gained and move forward with conviction of renewal. "Change can be swift and take you unawares".

Written by: Oonchillia White Bird ©️



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