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The Butterfly Effect

Posted by Michael Mahoney on

When I was taking this video, I was amazed at how the butterfly, weighing only a few grams could hang on in the strong breeze.

Systematically making her way along the life sustaining nectar the flower was giving to it. Wings opening and closing responding to the wind.

The colours of the flower and the butterfly was amazing in the warm sunshine.

I thought afterwards how the butterfly coped  with the circumstances it found itself in.

Somehow it had flown in the strong wind, sometimes I suspect getting blown off course, sometimes resting, and eventually getting its reward arriving safely at the flower.  In the moment of feeding, the flower was all that mattered, no amount of strong breeze would shake it from its goal.  The strong wind for something as light as the butterfly must have seemed like a hurricane to it.

All this took just a minute or less, but it reminded me of life sometimes for us humans.

We all have goals to achieve, hopes and dreams. Life sometimes puts us through winds of change, sometimes storm after storm of emotional turmoil, we are buffeted by winds of change, sometimes we are blown off course. At times we have to close ourselves up emotionally, like the wings of the butterfly to protect ourselves from damage.  

However sooner or later the storm is over, we might open ourselves to the sunlight of life slowly, acknowledging the emotional bruises, and giving them time to heal, before we can be confident again, but eventually we do, and we learn that storms pass, we learn that we can hang on,  we can nurture ourselves.

The world can be bright and sunny and rewarding.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are constantly changing and we have to adapt.

Like the butterfly made significant change in its life to become as beautiful as she was today.
Everyone of us are beautiful expressions of nature, we change and adapt from day to day.
I will often think of that butterfly. A fighter, a survivor a unique one of a kind individual. Just as we are!


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