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Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

At the beginning of creation light was formed from within the space of darkness. This light created consciousness, and over time, creation of matter in many forms, including ourselves.  Physical life provides the challenges of darker times, to help our souls to learn and grow, taking us back towards the light by attaining wisdom to assist in our evolution.  All our greatest lessons come from the darkness:

I am the light within the dark, I cannot see the light as I am it.

The darkness is the space which formed my creation.

You and I travelled through the dark to reach the light,

where all new life has begun.

Do not fear the dark, as it is through that, in which we must travel and experience in its entirety.

By doing so, we can find new ways to navigate through it,

to see, feel and know that light is always there. 

Many people become consumed with the darkness of fear and powerlessness and anxious about future events that may never happen. They are blind to the knowledge that the light is within them, and they need to take their awareness inside to their heart centre, instead of their heads, to learn the lessons they need in order to progress.

When you awaken spiritually - the light within is ignited again - enabling the process of moving through the darkness more smoothly, and the light of wisdom and growth gradually shining brighter.

There are many ways to wake up to this light within you and to realize how closely we are all connected spiritually. 

Within every cell of your body and on each level of human existence you are constantly moving towards the light, which is what soul evolution is all about, gaining knowledge and power from your physical experiences. 

To attract the light, be the light, exist within the darkness but not be consumed by it. 

When you were born you entered through the tunnel of darkness into the light.  The same happens when your physical body dies, you enter a tunnel of darkness and move back towards the light, passing through to the next plane of existence. 

Ultimately, you are a soul, having a human experience, which enables you to learn and grow, to experience life in many forms and within different times to enable you to evolve to higher realms of existence.


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