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Being Spiritual!

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

We all have souls, and are therefore spiritual beings, whether we acknowledge it or not. We would not exist without a soul, which creates the essence of who we truly are, what makes us individual and unique. To deny that part of ourselves, we deny everything else about ourselves.

Being spiritual isn’t referring to your religion, but your true connection to the source of creation, higher consciousness and other realms of existence, all that is unseen by the naked eye.

Spiritual energy is felt on an emotional level, connecting with the gut, heart and creative side of the brain.

We are wired energetically to send and receive information just like an electronic device, and are able to communicate telepathically, often without realizing it, and may know intuitively what others are thinking or how they are going to act, depending on how empathic we are.

Perhaps now is the right time for you to become more spiritually aware. Your emotions serve as a barometer moving you out of the control of the critical mind, and more into your creative mind, listening effectively to the messages from your gut and your heart, and allowing nurturing, loving emotions to elevate your creative intelligence and higher wisdom.


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