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Awakening Spiritually!

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

In my spiritual work over the last few years I have often found that people in many walks of life are wary or unsure about what it means to be spiritual.  I have facilitated workshops on Spiritual Development, but people often perceive that this is aimed only at those who wish to become mediums or clairvoyants, which would usually be the expectation of those attending a Spiritualist Church.   However, people are often more comfortable with the concept of Personal Development or Life Coaching.

Developing spiritually is a normal part of human growth just as we develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.  However people often ignore, disregard or fear developing their spiritual selves, which means they do not allow themselves to know who they truly are, and may therefore be disconnected from their soul, and their true purpose in life.

People often feel that there is 'something is missing' in their lives, but what if what is really missing is an important part of themselves, their connection with the essence of who they really are, and all that they are capable of being.  This isn’t about being religious, although for some people it may be; but, it’s about being true to yourself, trusting your inner guidance and wisdom (the intuition) and learning to know who you really are!  

Ultimately we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are souls connected with a physical body.  Having a human experience assists the evolution of the soul as well as further development of the whole person. It is a process of maturing, and for many people the spiritual aspect is the last part of them selves they address when they get close to the end of their life; but perhaps it is the part that should always come first, as from birth it has a very important part to play in every aspect of our lives. What if it is the driving force of why we are here on this earth in the first place!


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