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Are we there yet?

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

A familiar question spoken by the young; an adult child reminded us of those childhood times when a journey goes on and on! Our children became concerned when we had not arrived at our destination, Portland, Oregon as planned. We were stuck at Phoenix Airport with cancelled flights and urgent requests to re-route. Many worries were felt, emotions exacerbated by lack of sleep and misinformation. Eventually a rescue plan was hatched, and American Airlines did us proud. A 3 hour night in a local hotel and an early flight to Sacramento then another to Portland, arriving at lunchtime to collect our rental car, and even with further lack of sleep, then a 6 hour drive through South Washington State to Post Falls, Idaho. The following day was a blur, and we felt the loss of a day.

Why, we asked, did this occur, many reasons we were to discover. We had avoided storms and a flight we now believe would have proved difficult or even dangerous if it had taken off. We flew over Nevada and the Californian mountains, areas we believe we will visit next time, and it was as if we needed to touch base in some way.

We were also reminded of our resilience and strength through adversity, and if you believe, things will always come right. We also got some different life experiences, and made contact with others through shared adversity.

More stories of our travels will unfold over the next few weeks.


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