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Any Body!

Posted by Michael Mahoney on

It’s a little ironic that as we develop and strengthen our spiritual and emotional selves to the best of our abilities, we are doing so in a body that is aging.  The very vessel that carries around our soul, the consciousness, and the very essence of who we are, is deteriorating.

As we awaken spiritually, it becomes apparent that there has been a silent starting pistol fired, the race is on to better ourselves in all areas, to develop our intuition, develop our understanding of who we are and what we are capable of becoming and much more, before our body becomes too tired, too fragile to accommodate the emotional and spiritual growth we have embarked upon.

But perhaps that is nature’s way of adding some urgency to the process of being and becoming more.  Of course we can take many steps to ensure we can enjoy life in our physical body, exercise, eating sensibly and so forth, but still the race is on, and the more we discover about ourselves, the less time we seem to have to understand it deeply.

As mentioned it may be nature’s way. Perhaps it is in our design, for the majority of us to become curious about our spiritual and esoteric selves when we are a little older.  Those of us who have, or who are in the process of learning more about ourselves, soon realise that the trappings of this world eventually turn to traps.

We trap ourselves into thinking life will be better with bigger cars, houses, lots of money etc., and yet these things often choke our spiritual development.  Depending where you are at this moment in your life, often dictates those things that are important to you.  Personally material wealth has never been a powerful driver for either of us, preferring the outdoors, the natural things, and learning to recognise the real treasures and blessings that are around us and within us.

By doing this, we also recognise the wonders of who we are, our ability to learn, understand, grow, think, feel, sense and so much more.    Learning about our spiritual selves, the none-physical aspects of our being would take several lifetimes to really understand, but that is not an option when the starting pistol fires the starting shot, all we can hope to do is to find some time, as often as possible, to explore the wonders of being a part of nature.

But while doing this, it is important to take care of the body the best way possible. As well as exercise and a good diet, rest, relaxation and fun are vital parts of life.  Valuing and respecting the body and the life-force you have been given, because it is the part of you that carries the rest of you around this wonderful earth, the place we call home, for now!


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