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All that shines is not gold!

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

The journey is long and has many turns and bumps in the road.  To onlookers it may look smooth and carefree, a long straight road idling along taking in the sights as we pass.  Sometimes our journey has had moments like that, but they are far and few between the more arduous ones; in fact, it has been more like a rollercoaster of a ride. 

What people choose to see is often an illusion of their own making, through their perception of the world and themselves.  Many are ignorant to what is blatantly obvious, but can choose to gain the knowledge and awareness, when they truly want to see and learn. 

Some may become distracted along the way, by glitter and glamour of spiritual fulfillment, by easy fixes or being allured by the power of self proclaimed gurus; but all that appears to shine is not gold. That is within you! The nugget of self realisation, belief and knowing, is where you find the light! Within you, and within authentic relationship with yourself and others.

On our journey, this is what we have learnt and wish  to share; to encourage all who are ready, to awaken to their own spirituality. We see ourselves as way-showers for truth seekers, to help guide them on their own journeys.  By sharing our own, the lows as well as the highs, the pitfalls, the edge of the cliff moments, the rollercoaster rides of grief and distress; we will then have painted an honest account of what it is like, to be a peaceful warrior and bearer of the 'light', to shine a way for others to tread!



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