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A New Perspective

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

What if you decide to take a different route than usual when you cross the road, perhaps you will see something new that you have missed all this time.  It may simply be a flower that has come into bloom, or an unusual butterfly or bird; or you may read a posted flyer for an activity group which could bring a new interest into your life at a time just when you need it.  

Do you, often follow the same routes and routines day in and and day out? What would it be like to turn left instead of right and take time to notice what is around you, or even to step out of your comfort zone for a few moments each day and try something new, even if it is just walking in a different direction, or taking time to stop and rest awhile during a busy day.  See if you notice things with fresh eyes, which may help you to gain a new perspective on the world locally, globally and even internally, which may ultimately change your life forever. 




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