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A month of Daily Inspirations (March 2020)

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

1. The beauty of this world is often not appreciated, particularly its powerful healing abilities. The sun's light and warmth lifts spirits but when we do not see it we forget it's still creating magic. The memory of a sunbeam dappling through the trees onto water is an image which can be retained in the mind and deep in the heart. "Let the light lead the way and guide you on your journey".

2. We are influenced too easily by negativity and can be too harsh on ourselves, so much so, we stifle who we are, allowing limiting self beliefs to hold us back in life. Make today the day when you acknowledge the wonder of your creation, and how you became you! "Believe in the wonder of YOU!"

3. When you feel overwhelmed with life and begin losing your sense of self, stop and reflect on how you have arrived to where you are right now. "A rock knows where it stands in the world, do you?".

4. When life doesn't go as planned it can lead to feelings of failure. However, you may be getting directed to where you most need to be, where new beginnings can bring you exactly what is meant for you at this time in your life! "Find rewards in life from the most unexpected of places".

5. Do you ever take time to reflect on what a loved one sees and feels when they look at you? They may tell you every day how much they love and admire you, but do you deep down own those feelings and recognise what they see in you. Reflect on the beauty of you and how special you truly are! "See yourself out of a loved one's eyes, and appreciate yourself for who you are".

6. Self Doubt may stop you in your tracks, and limit you in achieving your full potential. Just as dark clouds quickly disperse to reveal blue sky, you can just as easily blow away your own dark cloud by choosing to only see the light beyond.
"Blow away the dark clouds of self doubt".

7. It is often difficult to have time alone, or may not be a natural choice. However, within solitude, and quietening the mind, the body is able to repair and recharge. "Solitude Heals".

8. Become an explorer, be inquisitive like a small child, surrender your mind to experiencing. "Not all those who wander are lost" J R R Tolkien.

9. We can get caught up with dramas humanity creates and run catastrophic loops of fear, or we can focus on the beauty within and around us wherever we look, and "brighten the world with a smile".

10. When life proves the most difficult, that is the time to fully embrace it, despite your mind screaming NO! It is perception and reaction that causes stress. When things are faced head-on wisdom can be gained. "Wisdom comes from experiencing life in it's entirety".

11. Capturing an image of a favourite time and place keeps it alive for you. As you focus on that image, it can evoke all the sensations, thoughts and feelings from that special time. The happy hormones can then stimulate healing vibrations within the body. "MEMORIES can REIGNITE your SENSES and bring you HEALING".

12. Personal historical accounts are rarely heard, yet their telling may change common beliefs that may have been misconstrued over time. Truth comes from within - you are the wisdom keeper! "True records of history bring forward wisdom from the ancestors".

13. Calm the mind, be still and quiet. Replace negative thoughts with happy memories or silly moments. Think 'dancing elephants' or 'flying pigs'. "Rest and relaxation boosts the immune system".

14. We know so little about how and why we exist. We may theorize and speculate, but there are so many unknowns. However, know that you are a miraculous creation just as a sunflower and a hummingbird bring admiration and joy, feel the same about the wonder of you! "There is so much yet to learn about the mysteries of creation".

15. Just be! Often easier said than done perhaps, but experience moment by moment, sense comfort of a warm bath, seeing your first butterfly of the season, hearing stillness in the air! "Feel joy in Presence".

16. At a time when there is so much to concern people, with a reminder of the frailty of life, nature teaches us that life continues to flourish in many forms no matter what is thrown at it - life is about surviving and transforming. "Nature flourishes despite the worries of humanity".

17. Now, may be a time you long to feel a connection. Open your heart, release the doubt, old pain and hurt. Receive the creator's love your divine presence deserves, feel its familiarity deep within! "Receive the love emanating from source".

18. Spending quality time with someone, where it is genuine and heart-felt, can be across great distances with the luxury of modern day communication. "Enjoy a virtual coffee or fruit smoothie meet-up - sharing compassion and love".

19. Unexpected changes in circumstances of work and home life affect people in many different ways. Life carries on - it may prove challenging, yet offers opportunities to learn new ways of being within yourself and with others. "As the sun rises and sets allow that miracle to overshadow life's challenges".

20. Reach deep within the pinnacle of awareness. Know guidance from the universe draws you towards fulfillment. Commitment and perseverance despite hardships brings realization of your divine presence and purpose. "The uphill struggle can reward with unimaginable surprises".

21. Trust in your ability to face an uncertain future. The rules of life may have changed and your sense of control tumbled, but your adaptability to unknowns in the present, brings resilience and strength, which enable you to grasp opportunities when they arise! "Look ahead, see the horizon, the past is behind you"

22. The beauty of our natural world assists in discovering knowledge and wisdom locked within. As we gaze at the wonders we open up the door releasing that we have always known to be true about our own existence. "Embrace clarity of vision - when there was doubt know only truth".

23. Recognize your ability to think creatively, to find solutions to dilemmas, to become stronger and more adaptable than you ever thought possible. " Subtle shifts of reality awaken innate gifts long forgotten".

24. The wonder of the imagination in creating images with sound or dialogue enables full use of all senses, which heighten intuition and higher consciousness. "See what others, fail to see, that which is obscured from sight".

25. When the sky is blue and the sun is warming the earth, we can forget everyday concerns, by enjoying the simple pleasures and wonders of our natural world. Seize the opportunity to observe and reflect. "Enjoy taking time noticing the miracles around you". 

26. When life's challenges seem too great and the pressures mount, take time out, escape to a favourite haunt, to rest awhile in quiet contemplation. "Imagine gentle waves lapping on the shore instilling calmness for your restless mind".

27. Welcome in the longer warmer days ahead. Spend time reflecting on how the body harnesses light for renewal and growth, just like the tree! "Light radiates through the darkest of places".

28. Dark times bring opportunities for new beginnings, with a shift of focus, enlightenment is the outcome, and life can have new meaning. "Turn towards the light with each glimmer of new understanding". 

29. Spending time alone within nature is calming for the mind. Feel endorphins flood the body with happy hormones. Communicate with the birds, animals and trees with a touch or gentle tone, soothing both self and other in the process. "Nurture your inner spirit".

30. As the world waits for a new beginning, old ways fall by the wayside. Why, you may wonder do people have to experience suffering so that they can begin again? We have to let go, to learn and move on, so that we: "Experience all aspects of life in its entirety".

31. A world that is in turmoil and uncertainty as to the future, also brings shifts in consciousness within self and globally. Harmony reigns among humanity when all are experiencing similar difficulties, and brings unity within nations. "Love and honour strengthens where it is most needed".


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