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A Month of Daily Inspirations (February 2020)

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

01. Be different and unique, stand out or stand back, embrace your shadow and your light, express who you truly are! "A diamond has many facets, it can be rough and smooth"

02. New beginnings are yours if you choose to let go of the old to welcome in the new. "Opportunities may often pass you by - remain open to new possibilities - clear your inner space in readiness"

03. Winds of change can either blow you off course or steer you onto the right path. The challenge is to recognize that you are heading in the right direction in fulfilling your life purpose! "Receive clarity of vision when the mind is still and the heart is open"

04. We are energetic beings and therefore connected to source, each other and all life. "To know who you are, your divine purpose - feel your energy and how it connects you

05. Nature amazes us each and every day as new buds and blossoms spring into life, life continues despite potential adversity due to snow and ice! "As new life unfolds around you give gratitude for its creation

06. We have the potential to heal ourselves if we believe and trust in our own abilities. Learning to use and attract healing energy from natural resources is our birthright. "Healing Energy comes in many forms"

07. Our potential as teachers and healers is limitless if we fully embrace being the pupil and the patient. We are here to learn and experience all life's lessons and know how to apply them. "Knowledge becomes wisdom when the heart and mind are harmonious

08. It is human nature to avoid difficulties in life, however when you face things head on, more often than not, you have coped much better than first feared, and feel a sense of achievement for doing so. "Challenges in life are opportunities for growth

09. As a winter storm rages on, cleansing the air, energy long travelled from far away places, once breathed by elders, teachers and healers, is now gratefully received by those who have prayed for answers, new direction and revitalized health. "We are all connected by the air we breathe

10. Little things in life are set to try us, they frustrate and anger and can escalate out of control. When you stop for a moment and reflect on how a minor incident can bring up such strong emotions, and how quickly you may react to something which is really quite insignificant, then in that moment, take time to understand what the trigger might have been, and how you may choose to react differently with the insight gained. "A fall can lead to a devastating tumble or simply reddening of the face

11. Do you realize the difference you make in the world? Most people are likely to say none, or very little. However, as an energetic being, every thought you have, word you speak, facial expression and movement you make, everything you touch and actions you make, do definitely make a difference. Ensuring your energy is healthy and of good intent is where you can make the most life changing difference of all. "Leave your imprint as a reminder of your soul"

12. When you look for meaning in life, spend time in nature. Observe and listen, immerse yourself in the movement and subtle changes happening around you. Connect with your mind and heart and feel the divine love pulsing between you and that which you observe, be it a flower, a blade of grass, or a bee. "Divine love connects all life"

13. We learn best through experiencing and allowing our creative juices to flow. Expressing inner thoughts, ideas and feelings brings positive energy, which can light up a thirst for learning within ourselves and for others. "Find joy within creative expression"

14. With every turn in life, it presents opportunities, which can either burden or lift you. Expect the highs not the lows and embrace all challenges which bring inner peace and self-growth. "Rise up and fly high"

15. Yearning for things to change brings heartache and powerlessness. Creating change requires motivation and determination. Trust that you have the inner strength and ability to bring what you desire into being, as long as it is for the best of intentions - remain patient. "Divine timing chooses the right moment"

16. Stormy days affect us in so many ways. We may embrace their power or fear them, but they leave us untouched. Shifts occur within us with new directions opening up! "The sun always reappears following a storm"

17. New life is appearing wherever you look, with warmer and lighter days to banish the winter blues. Feel a renewed sense of knowing, anything is possible, if you believe in the magic of the universe. "New life brings hope and joy"

18. Inspiration requires motivation to create something new. Determination and commitment reap rewards. However, without strong foundations and hard work, it can all crumble before you reach the top of your game. "Build strong foundations to ensure success"

19. The rhythm of life may be like a roller coaster or a gentle float on calm waters. Each is equally important. We need the dips to appreciate the highs, and the stillness to rest before the next life's lesson appears. "Focus and trust in the rhythm of life"

20. Appreciate each footstep you take in creating history. As each grain of sand has its place on the beach, you too have your place in the world, and certainly make a difference! "The sands of time - each grain has it's own story"

21. We often fail to see the beauty which others see in us. As energetic beings we give off light, sound and vibration; when we are joyful this becomes evident and can cause an amazing reaction in others. "Radiate your inner beauty within prisms of light"

22. There are no differences among people when we breathe the same air, feel the warmth of the same sun, bathe in the moonlight and point out the same stars. "The night sky unites us all"

23. Too often we travel aimlessly, feeling lost or uncertain of the way. We may get misdirected by others and even ourselves. Take time to notice the signs that lead you in the right direction, rest often, don't rush, deep down you know the right way. "Find purpose in your every step. Know the direction you are headed."

24. Memories of lazy days by the sea, feeling the warmth of the sun, as you watch the passing clouds go by; In this moment feel calmness and comfort wrapping their arms around you. "May deep peace and love fill your heart!"

25. To still a busy mind takes practice, focus on just one thing for a moment in time, which may be longer than you first think. As you become still, so does your concept of time! "Elevate your mind in stillness, become at ONE with all you see!"

26. We can learn a lot from nature, how new buds can withstand the frost and snow, and continue to thrive as delicate blossom. Where there is a will, there is a way! "Inner strength comes through adversity and survival"

27. Rest for a moment and imagine listening to the rhythm of a babbling brook. A gentle breeze lulls you deeper into stillness. Birdsong adds to the serenity you now feel, as you witness new life blooming forth. "Sweet melodies of nature soothe the soul"

28. As the Moon and Venus appear to kiss on this day in history, it is an opportune time to reflect on the celestial wonders of our universe and how their energy influences our thoughts, emotions and actions. Perhaps take a moment to wonder how 'starlight changes mood'. "Let your light lift you and others too!"

29. The year 2020 brings a leap year - an extra day of winter to prepare for spring.  Time for quiet contemplation, knowing that "serenity of heart and mind is easily within reach".


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