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A Leap of Faith

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

We have travelled over 300 miles south to a yet unknown destination within the UK, and are now, searching, within a mixed leaf wood, attempting to find a familiar yet hidden place, and a deeper connection with our tribe.

 We stop and tune in to the energy of the earth and trees, and know there is something waiting for us here!  We also sense our friends nearby, and rest on a fallen branch.  We realise we are sat in the middle of a circle of trees, and then suddenly are visited by one of our guides, a female elder of the tribe. 

 She proceeds to direct us to an ancient coin buried deep beneath the leaves and moss.  She tells us the story of the coin and where it originated from; it connects us to St Catherine of Alexandria in the year 282 AD.  We are then told about the leylines running through the land where we are stood, which are used for travel between other times and places, including connecting us to the time of St Catherine.  We feel her energy course through us and tune briefly into memories of that time. 

 We are left with a clearer understanding of our journey this day, which enables us to fit another piece into our ‘self-discovery’ jigsaw.


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