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A Chance Meeting?

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Whilst having breakfast in Joseph, Oregon, we were served one day by a lovely lady called Terra. We felt a connection with her as soon as we passed pleasantries, and began telling her about our journey and the previous USA trip. She shared about her life with native men and her daughter's studies on indigenous cultures. She lived nearby at Imnaha, a place we had felt drawn to, but were unsure whether to go there. She told us more about people there re-connecting with their ancestors, and political changes afoot there and on other native lands. She encouraged us to visit Imnaha and travel up to the Lookout point in the mountains.

We took her advice and did just that. The mountain drive was a little scary, but when we reached the top it was an awesome experience. We were visited there by our Old One, Old Chief Joseph and 2 important women from our tribe.

We were reminded of the prophecies, and to take heart, all was now changing in the way it had been proclaimed. Peace will reign among nations.


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