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A Calling

Posted by Cathryn Mahoney on

Many people are sharing their experiences of Spiritual Awakening, with a wide range of unusual occurrences (or not perceived to be the norm), and a variety of symptoms affecting the mind, emotions and body.

We can only speak about our own personal experiences, which have been a gradual process, and as we like to call it, a journey of discovering our soul's purpose in this lifetime.  We share some of these experiences within the stories on our website.

We believe 'Awakening' is a cyclical process and can take years, or even a life-time to complete just one or a few cycles.  If the process is rushed or happens at the wrong time, then it may take years to return to the awakening process or it may be halted for good in this life-time.

The purpose of the Awakening Process is to become Enlightened and to Ascend Spiritually (however this can be interpreted quite differently between different schools of thought and on an individual basis).

Some people are still completely asleep or sleep walking as regards any form of spirituality.  Usually an event in their lives will either peak their interest, or make them think quite differently; for instance the death of a loved one, a health scare, or hearing of others' experiences.  

They may then start to wake up, to wonder, to question, and then perhaps actively explore, by carrying out spiritual and/or religious study, or  by visiting a tarot reader or medium.  They may also change their circle of friends and attend social events with  more spiritually minded people or return to religious practices.  

If however, someone has a bad experience at any time during this exploration, or they move too suddenly into something that scares them, then naturally they may pull back, and in a sense choose to rest for a while or go fully back to sleep again. 

Some people can get actively involved in spiritual practices too quickly, and start helping other people i.e. using healing modalities, before dealing with their own issues or past traumas, which can have a detrimental effect, such as mental or emotional overload, which could then prevent them from proceeding from one cycle of awakening to another.  They may then choose to go back to sleep for good, and never return to what could have been their spiritual 'calling' in this life-time.

We have been actively encouraged to take it one step at a time, and it has felt like putting pieces of a jigsaw together to get the bigger picture. We have also learnt that it is important, when you have reached one round of the cycle, to rest and to assimilate the learning and experiences gained, before commencing onto another cycle of awakening.  Each cycle strengthens the spiritual self and builds a stronger connection with the soul and soul group, spiritual guides, angelic helpers, and our creator (God).  It develops bonds of trust and total belief, a 'knowing' of what is true of life on earth, the universe and beyond.  

Along the way we have discovered our 'Calling'.  However, we are yet to fully discover the capacity in which we will carry it out in this life-time.  We understand our 'Soul's Purpose', but are yet to also fully discover how far we now have come on our Journey, which we understand has already taken eons of time (as we know it). There is so much we have learnt and yet so little - as there is a vast amount of knowledge and wisdom still waiting for us to discover.

Please read the following article to understand a small part of our journey - A Calling


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